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Improve editing of self-added notes/items

1) Right now if you want to delete a note, you click on it and select "Edit" and then "Delete". This can be a time-consuming process. "Delete" should be moved to the flyout itself, perhaps with a confirmation window if that is a concern (though I think it may not be)

2) When saving an edit to a previously created note, the button for saving reads "update" (as in C.R.U.D.). It should read "save" for non-technical users.

3) The ability to change a note's date would be helpful. Right now users are forced to delete each note and then recreate them from scratch if they want to change a date. A calendar picker should be added in addition to the time picker when editing a note. (3a: alternatively the ability to drag and drop (just within a week to start) would be ideal)

4) The need to click on an "edit" button to begin editing a self-made note feels redundant and unecessary. Consider moving the edit controls to the immediate flyout for users to edit their notes more quickly instead of having them hit "edit", edit their note, and then save and close out of an additional window.

5) Self-made notes should be labeled in some sort of discrete fashion (I've freaked myself out before with self-made deadlines thinking they were from the instructor). Possibilities include:
- Underlining self-made notes
- Changing the font color of self-made notes
- Putting a small icon of sorts on or in the cells of self-made notes (if not done well this could be really messy and visually cluttering)
- Changing the border color (or a portion of the border, e.g. just the left border) on the cells of self-made notes
- Change the highlighting of cells of self-made notes.
- Italicize self-made notes

Note: This needs to be discrete visually or it will quickly become overwhelming. Enough for a student to notice subtly as they are browsing, but not so much that they are visually overloaded.

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    Though these things are mostly small (and they are), once the Schedule becomes the main landing page, I think that having these small things worked out will help to increase overall satisfaction to at least some degree and avoid a little unnecessary flak for 2-8 manhours of labor. These things (save the self-made notes being somehow differently marked--this really has caused heartburn before) are mostly polish, but I think it's worth the small amount of extra effort to have things ready when this goes more mainstream. I still very rarely meet people that know about the aggregated schedule. (You may or may not have an evangelist in the field ;)

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